Exclusive Masterclass: For Musicians Who Want a Proven System to Grow Their Career
How To Attract Your 1,000 True Fans 
Without Wasting Valuable Time & Money 
On The Wrong Marketing Tactics
You're Going To Learn...
  • 3 Big Marketing Mistakes that you're probably making that are keeping you stuck...and broke! (and how to fix them). 
  • A seemingly small but crucial mental "hack" that can make or break your music career.
  • What actions to focus on right now so you don't waste time and money
  • The little-known secret to easily and quickly build your fan base - even if no one knows who you are or you think you have a lot of competition
  • Think you need to struggle to find paying venues and gigs? WRONG! I’ll reveal the exact blueprint that has musicians booking up to 20 new gigs in a single month. (And it works even if you only want to land 5 - 15 gigs to fund your passion)
Who You’ll Be Learning From…

Bree Noble

Bree Noble is a former touring musician and music career expert. Bree is the host of the Women of Substance Music Podcast and the annual online event The Profitable Musician Summit. In January 2019 she released her book "The Musician's Profit Path." She works with female musicians to grow their career and is the founder of the Female Musician Academy.
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